Halstatt is a family owned investment firm located in Naples, Florida, and proud to be affiliated with the Barron Gift Collier legacy. We have enjoyed a long history of successful real estate development in Southwest Florida, and over the years we have cultivated a valuable network of trusted operating partners and investment managers. Today, Halstatt and our affiliated firms manage our own capital as well as that of a select number of family offices and institutional investors across a broad range of asset classes.


Barron Gift Collier visits and purchases Useppa Island, beginning a series of land acquisitions which culminates in owning over 1.3 million acres across Southwest Florida.


Utilizing the land gifted to her by her father, Judy Sproul spearheads the development of Grey Oaks Country Club in Naples, Florida, creating Halstatt in the process.


Judy’s eldest daughter, Katie, joins Halstatt and leads the purchase and re-development of LaPlaya Beach and Golf Resort.


Halstatt launches the first of its private equity funds focused on distressed real estate opportunities in Florida, Halstatt Real Estate Partners Fund I.


Halstatt participates in its first direct leveraged buyout with Trent Capital Partners, investing into Autocrat.


Halstatt launches Halstatt Legacy Partners and teams up with its first two operating partners; LaPlaya is acquired by Pebblebrook Hotel Trust.


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Our partners are our greatest asset. Strong relationships with investors, developers, and financial institutions have been a cornerstone of the Halstatt investment strategy.


Halstatt was built upon the legacy of Barron Gift Collier, one of the key figures in the development of Southwest Florida. His descendants, the Sproul family, formed Halstatt to reflect his spirit of leadership, community building and achievement. They have assembled a world class team of real estate and finance professionals, all with significant experience in Florida.

Halstatt is the operational and investment arm of the Sproul family. Judy Sproul, the granddaughter of Barron Gift Collier, established Halstatt over twenty years ago. She spearheaded the development of Grey Oaks Country Club, a prominent and successful golf course community located in Naples, FL.

Under Judy’s leadership, Halstatt has successfully grown its asset base over the past two decades. Currently, Halstatt maintains several other land holdings in its real estate portfolio, and it manages an extensive investment portfolio. Katie Sproul, Judy’s eldest daughter, now leads Halstatt and spearheaded the creation of Halstatt Real Estate Partners.

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