The Halstatt Charitable Foundation leverages the time, talents and resources of the Sproul family along with the employees of Halstatt to support causes whose missions align with the mission statement of the foundation. The Foundation, through its charitable giving, seeks to continue making a meaningful difference in the communities in which we live, work and raise our children.


In honor of Judy Sproul’s catalytic philanthropic legacy, The Halstatt Charitable Foundation supports organizations that:

  •   Promote opportunities and choices for women by helping them overcome challenges and gender disparities so as to create a more equal and just society;
  •   Protect and steward the natural environment for future generations;

·   Make Collier County, FL a stronger community.


We strive to work together as a family, now and in the future, to achieve a vision that will be a source of pride for all.  We aim to create an ecosystem of support to help people lead more productive, fulfilling lives, thereby strengthening and enhancing the communities and natural environments in which we live.


The Foundation seeks to create a culture of giving that radiates outward. We take a vested interest in organizations important to our family that make a long-term, positive impact on our region and the larger world.


The Sproul family, Halstatt’s founding family, has a deep legacy throughout Florida. Beginning in 1911, family patriarch, Barron Gift Collier began acquiring land that culminated in a portfolio of more than 1.3 million acres throughout the Southwest part of the state. 

In 1969, Judy Sproul, the granddaughter of Barron Gift Collier and the daughter of Barron Collier Jr. received a land gift through a trust and an entrepreneur spark from her father. This led to the creation of the prestigious Grey Oaks Country Club, followed by the founding of Halstatt, and continued development in the area with the La Playa Beach and Golf Resort in 1999. 

During this time, Judy was joined by her three daughters, Katie Sproul, Julie Sproul and Jennifer Sullivan and created The Halstatt Charitable Foundation. The Foundation focuses on supporting the local community of Collier County Florida, leveraging the time, talents and resources of the Sproul family along with the employees of Halstatt. Additionally, the families created its Next Gen program, which aims to inspire the next generation of leaders in business and philanthropy, upholding the value and beliefs that Judy Sproul instituted in her vast philanthropic work.


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Grant Guidelines

  •   The Foundation is based in Naples, Florida but has no geographic restrictions. However, priority may be given to communities in which Sproul family members live, work, or have other ties.
  •   The Foundation makes grants to nonprofits that qualify for public charity status under section 501c (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. 
  •   Grants typically range from $1000 – $5000.  In limited cases, larger grants may be made at the discretion of the Board. 

·   The Foundation does not support grants to individuals, religious activities or program-related investments. 

How to Apply

Currently grant proposals are only being considered on an invitation-only basis. Please do not send unsolicited materials. We ask that invited applicants, please contact the Executive Director, Jen Sullivan, via email for a copy of the Foundation’s application.


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Halstatt was built upon the legacy of Barron Gift Collier, one of the key figures in the development of Southwest Florida. His descendants, the Sproul family, formed Halstatt to reflect his spirit of leadership, community building and achievement. They have assembled a world class team of real estate and finance professionals, all with significant experience in Florida.

Halstatt is the operational and investment arm of the Sproul family. Judy Sproul, the granddaughter of Barron Gift Collier, established Halstatt over twenty years ago. She spearheaded the development of Grey Oaks Country Club, a prominent and successful golf course community located in Naples, FL.

Under Judy’s leadership, Halstatt has successfully grown its asset base over the past two decades. Currently, Halstatt maintains several other land holdings in its real estate portfolio, and it manages an extensive investment portfolio. Katie Sproul, Judy’s eldest daughter, now leads Halstatt and spearheaded the creation of Halstatt Real Estate Partners.

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